Violet using one of our cameras to take photos like Dad!
If you are looking for something fun to do this August then why not try the photo challenge by Joan from Our Learning Disabilities Blog. This is a fun idea for all of the family to do and can fill those odd days where we need to find something to do with the kids over the summer that won't break the bank! It would be great if you share your photos too. Perhaps if we get enough interest we could make a competition and give out awards to the best in each category.  
5 fun ideas for photo based activities – all you need is something to take pictures with. 
Schools are out, holiday clubs are on, and it’s nice enough to be outside (if it’s not actually too hot!). Here are 5 photo challenges to try just for fun – also very handy if the kids are getting restless, you need an activity for a holiday club group, or it’s nice enough to be outside but you need a bit of a focus. 
Just before we broke up I gave two different groups of students the same photo scavenger hunt activity to complete in pairs/threes, with more or less support. Both groups loved it and surprised me with their ideas. Seeing them have such fun with it inspired me to dig out different photo activities I’ve done with students over the years and share them with you in case they might be fun for someone you spend time with this summer holiday. I have tweaked my activity sheets and added them for you to download in case they are useful. 
Photo Scavenger Hunt 
This is just a list that I made up for the activity I wrote about above. The students could only take pictures within the college grounds and building so I made it up using things I knew they would be able to find. It was great fun sharing the photos when they all returned and seeing what they had chosen. ‘Something that smells’ was variously chips from the canteen, the inside of a rubbish bin and a very close-up of someones nose! ‘Something fast’ was a car, a student running and a leaf blowing along in the wind😃. 
Your challenge:  
• Something upside down 
• A flower pot 
• A crack 
• Something rough 
• Something that fits in here 
• An interesting shadow 
• The letter ‘n’ 
• A selfie 
• Something that smells 
• An exit 
• Something that starts with B 
• Something fast 
Summer Photo Challenge 
I originally produced this photo challenge during the first lockdown when most of my students were working from home. We all kept in touch by zoom and e mail and we sent out packs of work too. This was one of the things I included in a pack to help to give focus to a walk, and encouragement to go out too. I remember one or two students getting anxious about leaving their homes for fear of catching covid. The students added up their points then told me their score the next time we had a zoom session. 
Your Challenge – to take a photo of as many of these things as you can, one point for each item and two points if you are in the photo. 
• A Swing 
• A bike 
• Yellow flower 
• A furry creature 
• A road sign 
• Something red 
• Something black and white 
• Words 
• A tree. 
• Your reflection 
• Something frozen 
• Sunglasses 
Look at your photos and add up your points. How many did you get? 
Rainbow Photo Challenge 
Another lockdown inspired challenge. I remember going for walks and seeing rainbows in so many windows 🌈. 
This one would be good for a day when it’s too hot to go outside. 
Your challenge: 
Gather as many items as you can from around the house that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Arrange them like a rainbow and take a photograph. 
Shadow Photo Challenge 
This one is perfect for a summer day – as long as there’s not too much cloud! It’s also a great indoor activity too if you have a lamp. If you get really inspired you could move onto shadow puppets. 
Your challenge: Create your own shadow photographs using yourself or your family. You could also try using things you can find in your house, garden or on a local walk. You could explore how the shadows change when you move into different positions to take the photograph 
Artist Inspired Challenges 
I’ve had some great lessons over the years that have used a piece of art as their inspiration. Here are two photo challenges inspired by the work of contemporary artists Janice Wu and Marco Ugolini
Janice Wu Challenge: Arrange some objects from your room in the style of Janice Wu. They could be small things that mean something to you or just things you find lying around. Make sure you do not include anything with personal information like a bank card. Photograph your collection. 
Marco Ugolini Challenge: Find different items in your house that are all the same colour. Put them together and photograph them in the style of Marco Ugolini. 
If these ideas have inspired you I’d love to see some of the photos. If the photographer is happy to share then I’d love to post them on our site and maybe inspire someone else! 
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