Hospices & End of Life Photography  Our services are now offered to Hospices to provide family portrait sessions for residents and family members to have, what may be their last, family photograph together.  

A black mother and her daughter who has a tracheotomy having a family photograph
A young boy with a medical condition with his parents professional photo
Our relaxed sessions are set up in the Hospice itself. Residents and their families can book a slot to have their photograph taken in a quiet and private area.  
It may be that a resident is too unwell and we can provide a suitable alternative to suit the resident and their families needs.  
We have undertaken many sensitive projects and want to provide everyone with an opportunity to have photography sessions available to them.  
If you have any special or urgent requests please contact us.  
A toddler girl with medical condition posing for a photograph with her older brother at a Hospice
A young boy with a medical condition and his older brother having a sibling photograph at Keech Hospice Luton
A young girl with a medical condition having a photograph with her sister whilst visiting Hospice Care
Toddler girl with Au-Kline Syndrome professional photography at Hospice
A young boy with a medical limiting condition photograph at Hospice
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